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Introducing MiR Go ER-FLEX

MiR and UR

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), a leading manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots for warehouse logistics, introduces The MiR | Go Approved ER-FLEX mobile cobot, helping companies to automate internal logistics processes.


Why Choose ER-FLEX for Your Automation Needs?

The ER-FLEX is more than just a robot; it’s a transformative tool designed to streamline various aspects of your internal logistics. Here’s how ER-FLEX can revolutionize your operations:


  • Uninterrupted Machine Tending: One of the standout features of ER-FLEX is its ability to perform machine tending in a loop sequence 24/7, 365 days a year. This continuous operation reduces downtime and ensures that your machines are always in optimal working condition. 
  • Efficient Material Handling: ER-FLEX alleviates the burden of repetitive tasks such as transporting and handling materials by taking over these tasks, ensuring that materials are moved efficiently and traceably within your facility. This not only frees up your employees to focus on more complex tasks but also enhances overall workflow efficiency.
  • Streamlined Supply Replenishment: Keeping supplies replenished is critical for smooth operations. ER-FLEX automates this process, ensuring that your supplies are always stocked and available when needed. This automation helps prevent disruptions in your workflow, allowing your employees to concentrate on solving more strategic problems.


Addressing Labor Shortages and Reducing Costs

ER-FLEX provides a cost-effective solution to labor shortage by reducing the need for manual labor. Its versatility and ease of use mean that companies of any size can implement it without extensive training or programming knowledge. In fact, even users with no prior experience can get the ER-FLEX up and running in just a few minutes, thanks to its intuitive software and user-friendly interface.


Seamless Transition Between Functions

Flexibility is a hallmark of the ER-FLEX cobot. Its integrated software allows for a quick and easy switch between different functions. Whether you need to transition from machine tending to material handling or supply replenishment, ER-FLEX makes it possible with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. This adaptability ensures that your automation processes can evolve alongside your operational needs.


ER-FLEX Specifications

Here's a quick look at the ER-FLEX's top specifications:


  • Compatible with: MiR250
    • User interface for scheduling
    • Super-user interface for programming
    • Block-based drag-and-drop programming
    • Pre-programmed 'blocks' for ease of use
    • Calibration to markers
    • 2D object detection and template matching
  • 3D object detection and pose estimation


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