PLCnext Technology
Phoenix Contact's PLCnext offers simple integration with open-source software, allowing programmers from different generations to work together seamlessly.
80/20 Robotic Solutions
Framing solutions for collaborative, bin picking, and other types of robots are all possible with 80/20's T-Slot aluminum frames. 80/20 frames paired with an industrial robot have proven to increase revenue by 26% per employee when facilitating manual tasks.
Cognex In-Sight D900
The all new Cognex stand-alone vision system comes equipped with deep learning capabilities that can solve challenging vision problems.
End-of-Arm Tooling
Robotic gripper systems easily integrate with collaborative robots and your production environent. OnRobot, Robotiq, and PHD Pneu-Connect are just a few providers of EOAT solutions.
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Strengthening our commitment to our customers.

As always, our singular focus is on our customers. And as we forge ahead under our unified NEFF brand, we are intensifying our commitment to further adapting NEFF to meet the needs of our customers. Providing more innovative solutions. Better technology. Faster, more responsive service. And a team ready to deliver the expertise you need to enhance your automation processes.