Small Part Measurement
Despite being armed with digital calipers and other tools for quality and inspection tasks, human workers simply cannot achieve the same levels of accuracy and consistency provided by robots, making these tasks an ideal fit for automation.
Save 16GWh in Energy
Read the following article to see why this plant switched to Mac Valves for their dust collection and the impact the change had.
Piab Food & Beverage Solutions
Piab has a long history of developing solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry. Their new and improved website makes it easy to dive into to specific application and products.
Modular 7th Axis Linear Actuator
PHD’s Electric Belt-Driven Linear Actuator provides an excellent guide system to assist the Universal Robot in several orientations. This modular 7th axis linear actuator is the answer to even the most demanding automation applications that need a better reach.
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Strengthening our commitment to our customers.

As always, our singular focus is on our customers. And as we forge ahead under our unified NEFF brand, we are intensifying our commitment to further adapting NEFF to meet the needs of our customers. Providing more innovative solutions. Better technology. Faster, more responsive service. And a team ready to deliver the expertise you need to enhance your automation processes.