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Breaking the Barriers of Cobot Movement with piCOBOT Electric

piCOBOT Electric

The latest innovation from Piab, the piCOBOT® Electric vacuum gripper unit, significantly enhances a cobot's capabilities without relying on compressed air. Its lightweight design allows for direct mounting on the cobot tool flange, eliminating the need for air tubing and providing the cobot arm with an unrestricted operating range.


Electric vacuum without compressed air


Energy Efficiency and Easy Mobility

One of the standout features of the piCOBOT® Electric is its impressive energy efficiency. The electric current supplied to the cobot arm is sufficient to ensure full functionality. With a single point of contact for both the electric feed and data flow, the entire setup can be quickly unplugged and moved, streamlining operations and reducing downtime.


Seamless Integration with UR e-Series

The piCOBOT® Electric is compatible with a serial communication protocol for UR e-series cobots, maximizing the potential of both the vacuum gripper unit and the cobot. This integration allows for enhanced performance and efficiency.


Direct mounting on the cobot arm


Versatile Accessories for Enhanced Functionality

The piCOBOT® Electric can be paired with a variety of smart accessories, increasing its versatility:


  • piCOBOT® Tool Changer and Docking Station: This combination allows for the automatic change of grippers without human intervention, facilitating the use of multiple end-effectors seamlessly.

  • Adaptability to Different Objects: Designed to handle objects of varying shapes, weights, and sizes, the piCOBOT® Electric can be equipped with a range of gripper tools, including Piab standard solutions, Custom-Line options, and in-house developments.


With the piCOBOT® Electric vacuum gripper unit, you can expand your cobot’s functionality, improve energy efficiency, and simplify your automation processes. Explore the potential of piCOBOT® Electric and take your automation to the next level.