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PHD ESZ Electric Linear Actuator for Precision Vertical Applications

NEFF Automation | PHD-ESZ

PHD has released the ESZ Electric Belt-Driven Linear Actuator. Precision engineered for speed, thrust, and precision. Achieve exceptional moment and load capability for vertical and horizontal cantilever applications. The robust enclosed design with high-capacity rail bearing system is available in two sizes, and can be combined with other PHD actuators to create the custom cartesian robot your production needs.



ESZ Electric Belt-Driven Actuator Benefits

Conquer your demanding automation challenges with the ease of PHD's superior online sizing programs. Enter in your preferred motor to PHDs extensive motor database to take advantage of the Your Motor, Your Way program, and keep your team looped in with familiar motors and controls. The high-capacity rail bearing system can travel up to 2,000 mm for fixed saddle applications, and up to 5,500 mm for fixed base applications. 


Higher Load and moment capability

Versatile saddle mounting for flexibility

Provides a robust "Z" axis vertical cantilever with a fixed saddle and a fixed base solution for robotic systems. Models are available with two independently driven saddles for a wide range of uses, such as gripping/pick and place applications. Select single saddle, dual saddle (one driving) or dual inline (dual driving). T-slot connections for mid-support mountings (head, mid, and cap) for long travels and high payloads in traditional fixed base applications are available. 


Exceptional Design 

Robust Capability 

A rigid extrusion body provides the reliability PHD is known for. A superior HTD8 steel-reinforced polyurethane belt ensures uniform load distribution, precise tooth engagement, and improved performance. 

A drive shaft with an integrated motor coupling allows for a rigid connection with zero backlash, and the high-capacity rail bearing provides superior moment and load capability. Achieve a maximum speed of 5,000 mm/s, and acceleration of 50m/s. The profile rail guide with recirculating ball bearings provide for high load rating and rigidity. 


Self-lubricating linear guides provide maintenance-free operation, while the easy access belt tensioning system allows for adjustments. JC switches are standard, with optional switch bundles to meet your specifications. Choose from a standard factory lubrication set for the life of the unit, or food grade lubrication option. Expereince ease of mounting and tooling with cap mounting holes and flexible end mounting for EAOT.