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Discover the Power of Joulin Vacuum Handling for Industrial Automation

NEFF Automation | Joulin

NEFF is your premier distributor for Joulin Vacuum Handling, the inventor of the foam vacuum gripper technology!


Joulin Vacuum Handling is now available from NEFF! Innovative and industrial handling systems for foam vacuum grippers that can pick from a single jelly bean to 30,000-pound cross-laminated timber panels. Configurable standards and solutions for powerful vacuum grippers allow for custom solutions that meet your application specifications, even in tough environments. Handle multi-zone or individual products that span a multitude of application needs. Joulin successfully enables the picking of cartons, buckets, cans, glass, wrapped products, bags, and building products without hesitation over dust or damage to products, at any point in the production line. These robust offerings are low maintenance, and not sensitive to dust or debris in the environment.






A full range of configurable standards and fully custom foam grippers with COAX and mechanical pumps are designed for heavy duty applications that require a reliable solution in varied environments. Many applications benefit from the original power brand of vacuum handling, with over 50 years of success in big, heavy projects such as palletizing, de-palletizing, stacking and de-stacking, sorting, tending, pick-and-place, and many others. 


Joulin's standard and custom foam gripper are a multi-functional tool without adjustments, replacing several single-function EOATs on the same gripping hand. A foam gripper increases the rate of airflow significantly, which allows for the compensation of any residual leakage. Foam can adapt to irregularities in the thickness and shape of the products, making it ideal across many industries. There is no need to change the settings when changing the configuration of the products to be lifted (number, shape, pallet, spacer, etc.).


Available in standard, simple designs, or custom robot attachments and grippers that include a complete EOAT design by Joulin, with a complete function guarantee. 

Check out the linked video below to see a quick overview of the wide variety of solutions Joulin Vacuum Handling offers! Please reach out to your NEFF account manager with any questions, or to request a demo.