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Automate 2024: Tour by NEFF Automation

Automate Tour 2024

Automate is North America's largest showcase of automation technology. Hosted in Chicago's McCormick Place Convention Center this year, Automate features over 800 exhibitors and garners tens of thousands of attendees every year. 


Automate 2024 offers a comprehensive look at the future of industrial automation. From advanced cobots and robust conveyors to cutting-edge vision systems and sustainable solutions, this event highlights the innovations driving productivity and efficiency in manufacturing. Whether you're exploring the latest technologies or seeking sustainable practices, Automate 2024 provides invaluable insights. While NEFF Automation doesn't have a booth this year, over 20 of our top manufacturing partners do. Here's a brief overview of each of their booths:


Universal Robots UR30


Universal Robots: Revolutionizing Collaborative Robotics

Universal Robots, a pioneer in collaborative robots (cobots), showcases their next generation UR20 and UR30 cobots, as well as their major partners. These new cobots offer 20kg and 30kg payload capacities, respectively. The UR20 is perfect for palletizing heavier boxes, while the UR30 provides the robustness needed for operations like drilling and tapping. These advancements bring new possibilities for tasks requiring higher payloads and sturdiness.


PHD: Empowering Automation

PHD's booth stands out with their impressive array of pneumatic and electric actuators. PHD is renowned for their expertise in designing custom actuators to solve any application in a myriad of industries.


QC Conveyors: Expanding Conveyor Capabilities

QC Conveyors impresses with their extensive range of conveyors. Key innovations include the AS80 Conveyor, a robust, wide conveyor capable of handling loads up to 600 pounds, and the Flextrac Series Conveyor, a versatile, modular system designed for a variety of applications, making it a significant addition to end-of-line automation solutions.


Leuze Presence Detection


Leuze: A Leader in Safety Technology

Leuze's booth features premiere safety sensing technology. This includes safety laser scanners, light curtains, radar sensors, switches, controls, and much more. Leuze's suite of safety devices are designed to keep your employees injury-free in fast-moving industrial environments.

80/20: Versatile Aluminum Extrusions

80/20 showcases their innovative T-slot aluminum extrusions, highlighting a new lift for workstations and versatile robotic carts. These new products enhance ergonomics and productivity across various industrial applications.


SCARA taking picture


YRG Robotics: Innovative Pick-and-Place Technology

YRG Robotics presents a traditional SCARA robot pick-and-place application equipped with advanced vision systems and lighting. Utilizing an all-new fly-over camera technology, the machine vision camera captures and orients objects while moving, rather than having to stop and take an image like previous technology. This innovation greatly increases efficiency in high-speed, vision-based pick-and-place applications.


Phoenix Contact: Data-Driven Sustainability

Phoenix Contact focuses on sustainability through data-driven solutions, featuring PLCnext technology for energy monitoring and SPE and APL technologies for precise control and safety measures. These innovations support sustainable practices and improve operational efficiency.


Kawasaki Robotics: Showcasing Partner Solutions

Kawasaki's booth showcases a wide variety of robotic solutions and partners that specialize in the implementation of specific projects. Kawasaki's integrator partner AMT showcases a reliable solution for robotic tool change for multiple applications like drilling, routing, and more. CRG Automation highlights their advanced depalletizing technology with modular tape positions. Overall, these cost-effective and customizable solutions seamlessly utilize Kawasaki's line of industrial robots.


Zebra Technologies anomaly detection demo


Zebra Technologies: Cutting-Edge Anomaly Detection

Zebra Technologies features anomaly detection technology using 3D sensors and vision systems. The system inspects components and detects anomalies using heatmaps for quality assurance.


Balluff: Condition Monitoring in Action

Balluff showcases a wide variety of sensing technology, including condition monitoring sensors that detect motor activity and create alerts based on changes in vibration patterns. Balluff's CMTK can also detect temperature, pressure, flow, level, position, speed, and humidity changes. This sensor gives you a better awareness of your machine's health with real-time data and alleviates unplanned downtime.


For a closer look, watch our video tour below: