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Available in all NEFF territories.

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Industrial Machine Vision and Barcode Scanning

Zebra machine vision and industrial barcode scanning solutions automate manufacturing and supply chain processes under a single unified software platform. With simple setup and deployment, Zebra vision technology is easy to use and endlessly upgradeable as your processes grow and change.


Every Zebra industrial camera is operated under a single, powerful vision platform. Zebra Aurora is a unified software platform that allows for seamless setup and deployment of all Zebra industrial vision systems.


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Common Applications

Zebra machine vision and industrial barcode scanning solutions ensure consistent product quality and factory visibility.

Zebra traceability


Zebra track and trace solutions make it simple to provide full supply chain visibility. Zebra's Ultra-Rugged Handheld Scanners and Fixed Industrial Barcode Scanners capture data in real-time to streamline your processes and optimize production.


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Zebra quality inspection

Quality Inspection

Zebra Machine Vision Systems maintain consistent image quality across even the most complex plant floors. Simply detect, isolate, and eliminate potential quality issues in your manufacturing processes before they reach the end user.


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Zebra object character recognition

Optical Character Recognition

Zebra Aurora Vision Deep Learning software uses advanced image analysis processes to find anomalies, identify parts, detect specified shapes, and recognize distorted or obscured characters on even reflective or difficult surfaces.


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Zebra robotic guidance

Robotic Guidance

Easily program vision-based robotic guidance applications like pick-and-place with powerful and high resolution Matrox Machine Vision Cameras. Matrox Iris GTX cameras are designed to work seamlessly in your automation systems.


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Industrial Machine Vision and Barcode Scanning Solutions

Zebra offers an extensive line of smart cameras and industrial sensing technology.

Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanning

Fixed Industrial Scanning

Automate Track-and-Trace Processes

Packed with high decode performance, Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanners can easily track items as they move through your production, storage, and fulfillment operations.


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Zebra Machine Vision Cameras

Machine Vision Cameras

Automate Quality Inspection

A family of smart cameras designed to enhance your operations by offering solutions for a range of applications targeted at improving product quality and visibility.


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Zebra Matrox Machine Vision

Matrox Machine Vision

Smart Cameras, Sensors, & Controllers

Matrox Imaging (now a part of Zebra Technologies) develops smart cameras, 3D sensors, and vision controllers to tackle all kinds of advanced vision applications.


Matrox Iris GTX Datasheet

Zebra Handheld Barcode Scanners

Handheld Barcode Scanning

Ultra-Rugged and Compact

Zebra Ultra-Rugged Scanners can scan past any challenge with unstoppable performance. Withstand harsh conditions, read at astonishing speeds, and provide non-stop assistance.


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