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Available in all NEFF territories.

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Dependable Assembly Robots for the Industrial Marketplace

YRG Inc. is the master distributor of Yamaha cartesian, SCARA, and pick-and-place robots in North America. Yamaha Robotics began designing assembly robots in 1976 and since then has proved to offer unmatched payload, speed, and dependability for your application and those around the globe. Do you have an automated assembly requirement? Yamaha Robotics has a solution from single axis robots  to the broadest selection of SCARA robots anywhere.


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YRG Robotics

YRG Robotic Systems

YRG Robotics specializes in SCARA robots, Cartesians, and motion controllers.


SCARA Robots

SCARA robots are designed with a complete beltless structure and can be the solution for many applications ranging from production equipment for electrical components all the way to the transfer of large automotive components.


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YRG Single and Multi-Axis Cartesian Robots

Single and Multi-Axis Cartesian Robots

Yamaha Robotics offers a full lineup of Cartesian robots that are built with superior performance and size to meet user needs and are ideal for a diverse spectrum of tasks.


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YRG High speed Pick-and-Place Robots

High Speed Pick-and-Place Robots

Ideal for high speed tasks using small components, Yamaha’s Pick-and-Place robots are designed with a compact size and an overall length of 109 mm to have less interference with surroundings.


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YRG Linear Conveyor Module Systems

Linear Conveyor Module Systems

Improve you production volume while shortening the length of your production line. YRG’s Linear Conveyor Module reduces the setup time of high-mix production lines.


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