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Available in Indiana, Michigan, W. New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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Elevate Your Workforce with Easy-to-Use Cobot Solutions

Robotiq frees human hands from repetitive tasks with their cobot grippers, sensors and cameras, and turnkey solutions to common manufacturing applications like palletizing, screwdriving, finishing, and machine tending. When paired with Universal Robots collaborative robots, Robotiq's plug-and-play products are designed to solve common applications and relieve human workers of repetitive, dangerous, and low-value tasks.


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Robotiq Solutions

Robotiq creates fully featured solutions utilizing Universal Robots to start your production faster.

Robotiq PE10


Palletizing Solution for light loads

Lifting Capacity: 11,5 kg / 25 lbs

Stacking Height: 1550 mm / 60 in

Cycling Time: Up to 130 picks/min


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Robotiq PE20


Palletizing Solution for heavy loads

Lifting Capacity: 18 kg / 40 lbs

Stacking Height: 2150 mm / 84 in

Cycling Time: Up to 13 picks/min


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Robotiq AX10


Palletizing Solution for variable pallet heights

Lifting Capacity: 11,5 kg / 25 lbs

Stacking Height: 2750 mm / 108 in

Cycling Time: Up to 13 pick/min


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Robotiq Machine Tending Solution

Machine Tending Solution

The Machine Tending Solution keeps chips flying in your CNC processes. This solution ensures constant production while removing complexity, unlike traditional automated machine tending. Deployable in just hours, Robotiq’s Machine Tending Solution earns a quick ROI for even high-mix, low-volume applications.


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Robotiq Screwdriving Solution

Screwdriving Solution

Produce multiple products per production line with Robotiq’s Screwdriving solution. This solution elevates your workforce with a quick two week deployment time, five minute production changeover time, and consistent screwdriving.


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Robotiq Palletizing Solution

Robotiq Products

Along with their list of application solutions, Robotiq offers much more to add functionality to cobots.

Robotiq Electric Grippers

Electric Grippers

2-Finger and 3-Finger Grippers

Robotiq 2-Finger Grippers including the Hand-E as well as the 2F-85 and 2F-140 are plug-and-play end-of-arm tooling solutions for Universal Robots. Robotiq also manufactures 3 Finger Adaptive Gripper for maximum versatility and vacuum grippers designed for their Palletizing Solution.


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Robotiq Vacuum Grippers

Vacuum Grippers

Efficient Vacuum Gripping

Robotiq Vacuum Grippers solve a wide range of applications and are designed to pick uneven workpieces made out of material including cardboard, glass, sheet metal, and plastic. Vacuum gripping can be used in many processes like palletizing, machine tending, pick-and-place, and assembly.


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Robotiq Sensing and Vision

Sensing and Vision

Cameras, Sensors, and Software

Finishing and Force Copilot saves hours in programming with enhanced features like torque precision for the UR teach pendant. Robotiq also creates the FT 300-S Force Torque Sensor to unlock force sensitive applications. Finally, the Robotiq Wrist Camera can read barcode and 2D codes efficiently.


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Robotiq Application Kits

Application Kits

Sanding Kit

Robotiq’s Sanding Kit reduces programming time from hours to minutes in sanding applications. The Sanding Kit is the only hardware and software sanding solution for Universal Robots.


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