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Power your automation project with the world's most premium air valves and accessories.

Reliable and Repeatable Pneumatics.

NEFF Automation has been a leader in pneumatics and fluid power distribution in the United States since the early 1950's. Pneumatic technology is the driving force behind many standard automation components including end-of-arm tooling, actuators, valves, slides, vacuum technology, and pneumatic accessories.


Manufacturers including MAC Valves, PHD, and Piab specialize in creating pneumatically-driven valves, actuators, and vacuum technology with world-class quality and reliability. NEFF Automation is a proud member of the MAC Distributor Network (MDN), a global organization of independent distributors and manufacturers with a common goal of supporting best-in-class pneumatic products by MAC Valves and PHD, Inc.


Pneumatic Product Lines

Check out our different categories of pneumatic products.

Air valves

Pneumatic Valves

MAC 3-Way, 4-Way, Bullet, and Pulse Valves are innovative and highly engineered for speed and reliability for all industrial pneumatic applications.


Manufacturer: MAC Valves

Liquid valves

Liquid Valves

MAC Liquid Valves offer fast response times, reliable shifting forces, and repeatability in 2-Way, 3-Way, Variable Flow, Filling, and Dosing Variants.


Manufacturer: MAC Valves



PHD Tom Thumb Cylinders provide precise speed control and smooth operation when durability and reliability are required.

Linear slides

Linear Slides

Offered in thruster and gantry styles, PHD linear slides are designed to handle loads of up to 300 pounds with high levels of precision.


Manufacturer: PHD, Bimba

Rotary actuators

Rotary Actuators

PHD pneumatic rack-and-pinion Rotary Actuators are available in sizes ranging from compact to larger series with up to 31,000 in/lb of torque.


Manufacturer: PHD, Bimba



PHD Clamps are rugged, flexible, and offer low cost of ownership while being available for transfer presses, welding, metal forming, and assembly variants.


Manufacturer: PHD

Vacuum technology

Vacuum Technology

Piab's innovative gripping, lifting, and moving solutions are powered by vacuum technology including pumps, ejectors, cups, grippers, and more.


Manufacturer: Piab

End-of-arm tooling

End-of-Arm Tooling

NEFF offers an extensive line of grippers designed specifically for common applications like palletizing, assembly, machine tending, and more.


Manufacturer: Robotiq, OnRobot, PHD, Piab, Bimba

Fittings and couplings

Fittings, Couplings, & Tubing

Push-in fittings, quick couplings, and tubing keeps your pneumatics running with leak-free connections that outperform in the all environments.


Manufacturer: Wilkerson, Parker Legris, Freelin-Wade

Filters and regulators

Filters & Regulators

Introducing the total systems approach to air preparation, Wilkerson Filters, Regulators, and Lubrications provide unprecedented quality and value.


Manufacturer: Wilkerson

Air springs and shock absorbers

Air Springs & Shock Absorbers

Dampen and control movement and vibration with innovative, flexible, and cost-effective air springs and shock absorbers.


Manufacturer: Ace Controls, Firestone

Pressure gauges

Pressure Gauges

Highly engineered and industry-proven, our pressure gauges deliver excellent accuracy and reliability for nearly any application.


Manufacturer: Wilkerson, NOSHOK, Panasonic