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Innovative Gripping, Lifting, and Moving Solutions

Piab designs innovative vacuum solutions that improve the energy-efficiency, productivity, and working environments of vacuum users around the world. All Piab solutions are developed to avoid resource and energy waste, as well as improve employee safety.


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Common Industries

Piab vacuum technology solves challenging applications for a wide variety of industries.

Piab automotive industry


Piab helps the automotive industry increase productivity while saving energy in applications like destacking, press transfer, assembly, part picking, and more.


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Piab food and beverage industry

Food and Beverage

Hygienic and safe production is possible with Piab direct food contact picking and gripping solutions for coffee, baking goods, candy, snacks, nutritional foods, and instant food.


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Piab packaging industry


Secure minimum downtime and increase packaging process performance with Piab palletizing, carton stacking and lifting, pick and place, and flexible package handling.


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Piab wood industry


Recently acquired by Piab, Joulin is an industry leader in vacuum foam grippers for the lumber industry. Joulin end-of-arm tooling solutions for the wood industry increase your production.


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Piab Products & Solutions

Piab specializes in automated process components for gripping, lifting, and moving.

Piab Vacuum Pumps and Ejectors

Vacuum Pumps and Ejectors

COAX Technology

Piab Vacuum Pumps and Ejectors are based on the patented COAX® technology. A vacuum system based on COAX® technology can provide you with three times more vacuum flow than conventional systems, allowing you to increase speed with high reliability while reducing energy consumption.


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Piab Suction Cups and Soft Grippers

Suction Cups and Soft Grippers

Versatile and Reliable Lifting Technology

Piab offers one of the market’s widest ranges of suction cups so that each application will have its own solution. Handle board materials or concrete slabs, open bags, pick electronic components, label and hold object, and more with Piab's versatile and reliable suction cups and soft grippers.


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Piab Collaborative Robot Grippers

Collaborative Robot Grippers

piCOBOT Vacuum Ejector Units and Kenos Grippers

Piab's piCOBOT Vacuum Ejector units and Kenos foam grippers are specifically designed as end-of-arm tools for collaborative robots. These EOAT options are certified by Universal Robots and mount directly to the cobot.


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Piab CPT

Piab CPT

Piab Collaborative Palletizing Tool

Piab CPT (Collaborative Palletizing Tool) is a compact solution for palletizing boxes with collaborative robots. Featuring a multi-zone gripper surface, the CPT can pick irregular surfaces and multiple boxes at once.


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Piab Palletizing Solutions

Palletizing Solutions

High Payload Palletizing and Gripping Solutions

Piab offers a wide variety of custom and standard configurations for robotic palletizing. Pallet handling, slip sheet systems, sensors, and more can be configured with Piab's ABG, FBG, and SBG EOATs.


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Piab EOAT Components

Robot EOAT Components

Ergonomic Handing Components

Piab’s Robotic Gripping solutions will simplify and even eliminate engineering time for grippers, allowing you to achieve maximum performance and productivity in palletizing and depalletizing, demolding, and de-gating.


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