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Available in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

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Your Trusted Partner for the Control Cabinet.

Phoenix Contact was founded in Germany in 1923. Since then, they have stretched their solutions globally by developing and manufacturing the leading industrial electrical and electronic technology products that power, protect, connect, and automate systems and equipment. Phoenix Contact excels in many different industries with solutions for industrial automation like cloud and edge computing, communication, PLCs and I/Os, and much more.


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Phoenix Contact cabinet confidence

Design with Cabinet Confidence

From connectivity to control, Phoenix Contact gives you the confidence you need in your production systems. Our longstanding commitment to quality and innovation will give you the peace of mind and competitive edge to succeed in today's highly complex manufacturing world.

Phoenix Contact Industrial Networking

Industrial Networking

Modern factories are driven by IIoT and Industry 4.0 which in return has created vulnerabilities and risks because of the increased network traffic. To have a reliable network infrastructure, a correct selection of switches, cellular and wireless radios, and security appliances are required. Maximize communication, enables secure access and prevents network breaches.


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Phoenix Contact Automation Control

Automation Control

The logic platform is the heart of your control cabinet. Industrial PCs, HMIs, and scalable controllers can streamline functionality, reduce equipment and costs, and usher in the next generation of intelligent machine automation. Phoenix Contact offers what you need to have full cabinet confidence while growing your business to the next level.


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Phoenix Contact Connectivity


For the past century, Phoenix Contact has been the trusted partner for reliable connections. You can never take a good connection for granted because they are only as reliable as the integrity of the terminations. Every wire and connection of those wires, should it be spring, screw, IDC, or crimp, are in your control cabinet for a reason.


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Phoenix Contact Power Reliability

Power Reliability

There are four main elements to power reliability: protection against surges and overcurrents, conversion of AC to DC while providing redundancy and battery back-up, and monitoring faults and distributing power to the end-devices. Logic platforms are dependent on proper power and one power disturbance can affect your entire control system instantly.


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Phoenix Contact Safety


Proper implementation of safety includes increased productivity, uptime, and profitability. It is important to establish safety measures without limiting the production flexibility of machines or production cells. Working with Phoenix Contact to have adaptable cabinet configurations with integrated safety will give you freedom to add or reorganize machines.


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Phoenix Contact Signal switching and conditioning

Signal Switching & Conditioning

The most basic function of the industrial relay is to act as an interface module to switch something from one state to another. Phoenix Contact offers products that provide analog, digital, and motor switching for transmitting information such as temperature, compression, position, flow, level, frequency, pH, and much more.


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Phoenix Contact Shop Floor Productivity
Phoenix Contact Shop Floor Productivity

Shop Floor Productivity

Increasing shop floor productivity means using top of the line tools and resources to build your control cabinet. Don’t overlook design software, marking systems, industrial tools, wire management, and cabinet accessories. These products help to reduce errors and production time which translates directly into bottom-line profitability for your shop floor.


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Phoenix Contact Shop Floor Productivity