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Available in Indiana, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont.


Sensing and Connectivity Solutions

Murrelektronik is your system partner: from the control cabinet via the interface, active, or passive into the field. Murrelektronik is an internationally operating, family-owned company in the automation technology industry with over 3200 employees. Their mission is to optimize machine and plant installations, increasing the customer’s competitive advantage. Products can be divided into four core lines: electronics in the cabinet, interfaces, cables and connectors and I/O Systems. 


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Common Applications

Automation and industrialization solutions from Murrelektronik make production processes more economical.

Murrelektronik storage and logistics

Storage & Logistics

Molded connectors and distribution boxes combine to reduce installation time by up to 40% and ensure error-free, reliable connections. Customized Solutions are available, and extreme conditions are navigated with passive distribution boxes, fieldbus modules, and valve plugs, which are fully potted to withstand both high temperatures and strong vibrations. 


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Murrelektronik food and beverage

Food & Beverage

Murrelektronik’s solutions move companies in the food industry forward. From the MVP12 Steel passive distribution box to the hygienically designed Cube67 fieldbus modules and  connectors, they have solutions that reduce your wiring efforts and increase your troubleshooting options. 


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Murrelektronik automotive


Automotive production can be optimized with intelligent solutions by Murrelektronik. These solutions feature diagnostic options that make time-consuming troubleshooting a thing of the past. 


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Murrelektronic Products

Decentralization is Murrelektronik's specialty. Their focus is on strengthening the connection between the control cabinet and the sensors and actuators in both machines and systems with proven concepts and technologies.

Murrelektronik electronics in the cabinet

Electronics in the Cabinet

Power conditioning, properly sized power supplies, current monitoring, redundancy, and energy savings are all considered. Achieve a solution tailored to your application, your budget and your peace of mind.


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Murrelektronik interfaces


Connecting the cabinet with the field is a key part of many installations. Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive range of cable entry systems and programming ports for quick connections, easy separations, and maintenance.


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Murrelektronik I/O systems

I/O Systems

Murrelektronik’s I/O systems connect actuators and sensors of a system to the control. From the Exact12 family of passive distribution boxes to the Cube fieldbus products, Murr can accommodate your installation needs.


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Murrelektronik connection technology

Connection Technology

With over 30,000 combinations of cordsets to choose from, we can help you find the right one for your application. Standard products are available by the piece in your choice of three jacket colors, five cable types, and lengths from .1 to 100m.


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