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The Sensor and Safety People

Leuze, the Sensor People, offers more than 60 years of innovative sensor solutions for industrial automation. Their high-tech product range includes first class sensor solutions, including switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, and data transmission, and image processing solutions. Leuze is also your Safety Expert, with a focus on components, services, and solutions for workplace safety. All Leuze solutions are of the highest quality, which is ensured through tested and validated processes.


Leuze's successful solutions stem from years of in-depth, specific application experience. You often find their optical sensors in intralogistics and the packaging industries, machine tools, automotive, and laboratory settings.


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Industry Expertise

Efficient and powerful solutions for sensing and safety that utilize digital technologies for identification, positioning, detection, and measurement.

Leuze intralogistics


Efficient and future-proof solutions. Leuze offers intelligent sensor systems that work effectively, reliably, and ensure maximum system availability. Industry 4.0 compatible sensors enable efficient and transparent processes. 


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Leuze automotive


 Implement predictive maintenance and diagnostic possibilities for Industry 4.0 for high system availability and smooth production processes. Sensor solutions for press shops, vehicle body construction, paint shops, powertrains, and final assembly.

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Leuze packaging


Sensor solutions for primary packaging in beverage filling, pharmaceutical, and meat packaging as well as confectionery and bakery production, for secondary packaging and for the end-of-line area.


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Leuze machine tools

Machine Tools

Sensor options for hydraulic and eccentric presses, punching and laser cutting machines, pipe and wire bending machines, processing centers, hydraulic press brakes, metal sawing machines, sheet metal feeders, and robot work areas.


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Leuze Products

Leuze offers switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, data transmission, and image processing solutions for factory automation. 

Leuze switching sensors

Switching Sensors

Leuze offers an extensive line of switching sensors in formats including optical, inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic, contrast, and fork sensors which are suited for many industrial applications. Sensor families range from reliably cost effective to sophisticated I/O link integration options. 


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Leuze measuring sensors

Measuring Sensors

Achieve precise positioning with Leuze optical distance sensors, or detect through partially or fully transparent objects with ultrasonic distance sensors. Measurements can be performed in dusty, hazy or humid environments. Millimeter level accuracy is achieved with sensors for positioning, contour measurement, light curtains, and fork sensors


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Leuze safety


Guard hazardous areas, provide restart protection, guard and navigate AGVs, and tailor safety to your needs with laser scanners, light curtains, muting and SPG, safety bar code positioning systems, and safety switches. Leuze safety solutions guarantee gapless safety, efficient material flow and high availability of your system, even with automatic processes.


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Leuze identification


Leuze can help you control your production and logistics processes with stationary 1D bar code readers, camera-based 1D/2D bar code scanners, and multi-purpose and robust 1D/2D hand-held scanners. 


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