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Available from NEFF in IN, WI, MI, N.OH, NY, NJ, PA & New England

The current robot line-up is the culmination of over 3 decades' experience in YAMAHA's own plants and thousands of others around the world. From single axis robots to the broadest selection of SCARA robots anywhere, we can supply the best solution for nearly any automated assembly requirement.



Offering a full lineup of Cartesian robots that come with multiple performances and sizes. The Cartesian robots support a wide variety of applications. Yamaha’s Cartesian robots are available in 5 standard families.


High speed pick & place operation contributes largely to higher productivity. Compact size with an overall length of 109mm (YP220BX) and moving arm mechanism enable construction of a space saving production line with less interference with surroundings.


 Arm length of 120mm to 1200 mm, full-selection of lineup is top in the world.  Completely beltless structures pursues the features of SCARA to their utmost limits.



Conveyance with high efficiency using double arms.

  • With 2 Z axes made available by using Cartesian XZ, reduction of both of the total tact time and installation space is intended.
  • Customization only possible because a highly rigid frame and guide are used.


Checking with moving camera.

Multi-point check with a camera. Drawing created with line sensor and moving axes.

  • Little variation in speed.
  • Compact size.

Pick & Place

Assembly of small size precision parts.

  • High speed assembly.
  • Narrow installation width.


Finished product function test. Developed software evaluation. Push-button type quality check.

  • Full line-up from YK120X to YK1200X is unrivaled by other manufacturers and can cope with various systems.
  • Space saving.
  • Using SCARA, judgment is made through image processing by pushing each button.

Single Axis

Change of stopper height in multiple number of steps.

  • The stop position for the stopper block is positioned by the cylinder type robot.
  • It is possible to make set-up done by single touch operation or automatically.

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