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An Industry Leader in Sensing & Connectivity Technologies.

Founded in Germany in 1921, Balluff has prided themselves on providing customers with cutting edge sensing technologies and connectivity solutions over the past century. With outstanding products, application support, and training, Balluff has become an industry leader in manufacturing sensing and connectivity technologies.

Over recent years, Industry 4.0 and IIOT have gone from buzz words to corporate initiatives. With Industry 4.0 being all about gathering and collecting data to analyze and optimize processes in manufacturing. Balluff has helped pave the way for companies to implement their 4.0 initiatives. From industrial traceability and identification technologies to IO-Link and smart sensors. Balluff has the expertise and experience to help you optimize your process and prevent unscheduled down time.

Featured Solutions

Balluff creates solutions with high standards and personal commitment to superior quality.

I/O Link

IO-link is the world’s first globally standardized IO technology that creates a simplified, flexible, and a more efficient IO solution. With major cost savings in comparison to discreetly wiring and providing a more reliable signal for traditional analog devices. IO-Link is a great fit for just about any manufacturing application. In addition to providing cost savings, IO-Link devices also provide users with a lot more data. Data that can be used to prevent unscheduled down time and move manufacturing processes to Industry 4.0. Over the years, Balluff has become the industry leader in IO-Link and is here to help take your IO to the next level.


When it comes to connectivity, having a diverse and reliable product offering is key. Balluff offers a wide variety of cordset options in various cable jacket materials, colors, and connector types. With many of which being manufactured locally in Florence Kentucky, means Balluff is able to get you what you need when you need it.


With Industry 4.0 becoming a trend in modern factories, the need for reliable industrial traceability is at a all time high. Manufactures look to track assets and products through processes to optimize efficiency. Balluff offers a large portfolio of Industrial RFID solutions that range from Low Frequency (LF) to Ultra High Frequency (UHF) to help you with traceability initiatives.


When it comes to choosing the right sensor for your application, it is important to have the expertise and product offering for your need. We know that every application and environment vary drastically. Over the past century Balluff has created a large product offering of sensors for just about every application. Below are some of the sensor types Balluff offers:

  • Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Cylinder Position Switches
  • Linear Transducers
  • Pressure Transducers

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