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What Type of Structural Project Do You Have?

T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

80/20 provides T-slot aluminum profiles, or bars, that have channels used to connect other bars and parts — for instance, panels, linear bearings or casters. It is a building system anyone can use to create custom solutions.

Build your solutions with simple hand tools — no welding required. 80/20 T-slot profiles are strong and modular, so if you need to make changes it’s not a problem. Adjustments and assembly are straightforward and fast.

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Dedicated 80/20 Specialists to Support You

NEFF is the largest distributor of 80/20 products in the U.S. We will be there with you throughout every stage of your 80/20 experience.

NEFF has a dedicated team of 80/20 Product Specialists and 80/20 CAD designers that support our 14 state territory. They can provide recommendations on integrating 80/20 with your current equipment and resources. And they can see places and procedures where 80/20 products and services will help speed up cycle times, cut your costs, or create synergies.

The most common use of 80/20
T-Slot aluminum profiles, industrial
applications for 80/20 framing can
range anywhere from social distancing
and people guarding to machine
framing and material handling, and
are offered with free design services.

Looking for a unique solution for your
DIY project? We’ve got you covered.
80/20’s versatility and ease of
building make it the perfect DIY
solution. Anyone can build with 80/20.

Commercial and home
environments can also benefit from
T-slot profiles. 80/20 is often used to
build furniture, displays, and art

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