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The vision for a solution.

Simply stated 80/20 is a T-slot construction system you can use to build virtually anything. When you think of 80/20 think of “an erector set” for adults. You mix, match, assemble and reassemble products to create your customized solution.

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Guarding & Enclosures

Don’t be reactive with guarding. Be preventative about the dangers around you. Use guarding to prevent things from getting either in or out. Caution yellow wire mesh guarding helps prevent injury.

Machine Frames

80/20 machine frames support hefty loads with heavy-duty profiles that add extra strength. Various 80/20 leveling feet are offered to provide sturdy footing. For less clutter and more workspace, 80/20 machine frames allow you to secure components and wires to profiles.


80/20 workstations save you time and money by increasing productivity. No other workstation solution offers the benefits of the 80/20 T-slotted framing system – clean, customizable, and delivered fast. Add 80/20 accessories for even more efficiency and adaptability. Integrate your workstation around machinery to increase efficiency and productivity.

Ready Tube

Ready Tube is an alternative to steel tubular framing; it is lightweight yet strong and durable. Ready Tube is also corrosion resistant, easy to assemble and cost-effective. Ready Tube is appropriately named; it is ready to use without the need for additional machining.


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