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Conveyors & Belt Conveyor Systems

For more than 30 years, QC Conveyors has specialized in manufacturing low profile, belt conveyors and custom conveying systems, including magnetic and corrosion resistant varieties, for all industries and applications — most of our products are less than 2” tall — whose size makes them ideal for integrating with almost any machine.


Sanitary and Food Grade Conveyors

QC Conveyors’ HydroClean Conveyors are designed for clean and efficient handling for all types of sanitary and food grade applications.

The HydroClean sanitary food grade conveyors are designed for quick and effective sanitation and protection from contamination. Industrial food processing and manufacturing are popular conveyor belting applications, and finding the right material for your conveyor application is crucial.

Belt Conveyors

End Drive Belt Conveyors are ideal for almost any application. They offer our widest variety of drive packages, including the incredibly versatile Pivot™ rotatable drive. These conveyors have been designed from the ground up with performance and versatility in mind.

Center Drive Conveyors

Center Drive conveyors are ideal for applications where both ends will be integrated with other machines. The drive package is completely below the belt and can be moved to any point on the frame to clear obstacles. Return idlers are easily removed for rapid belt changes without removing the drive.

Angled Frame Conveyors

The Angled Frame Conveyors come in TZ, L & R configurations for any elevating or lowering any application. It also has a rigid aluminum frame (with tee slots) to help resist twisting — a leading cause of tracking issues among competing conveyors

Backlight AS40

Backlights are used in a wide variety of machine vision applications to provide contrast for part inspection or robot orientation. The contrast from the backlight allows for better resolution from the vision system than reflective lighting can provide.


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