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Robotiq products are used in many different production floors all across the world. Robotics automation is high reliable and productive for many simple reptitive tasks. The ease of integration of Plug + Play solutions allows manufacturers to deploy them fast and reach their goals on the production floor.

High Performance. Long Life.

The MAC Pulse Valve utilizes the MAC 46 Lifting series’ balanced pilot technology to ensure fast, repeatable pulses. It also utilizes bonded spool technology in the main valve for superior reliability beyond existing diaphragm technology.

NEFF adds QC Industries to Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio

QC Industries Hydro Clean Conveyors are designed for an efficient handling of all types of sanitary and food-grade applications. Industrial food processing and manufacturing are popular conveyor belting applications, and finding the right material for your conveyor application is crucial.

Danfoss designates NEFF Premier Flagship Distributor

If we had to sum up Danfoss Drives in one word, that word would be ‘passion’. We are driven by drives and passionate about providing a competitive edge in key applications across various industries. This passion is clearly visible in many areas of our business.


Strengthening our commitment to our customers.

As always, our singular focus is on our customers. And as we forge ahead under our unified NEFF brand, we are intensifying our commitment to further adapting NEFF to meet the needs of our customers. Providing more innovative solutions. Better technology. Faster, more responsive service. And a team ready to deliver the expertise you need to enhance your automation processes.


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