What the box in the NEFF logo represents:

On the surface, the box in our logo certainly represents – a box. Just like the thousands we send out each week to NEFF customers, filled with high-quality products and automation solutions.

But there is also a different meaning to us. This box represents the elements of our company that we hold sacred. The things to which we owe our success. The aspects of NEFF that attract our customers and keep them coming back.

So when we look at this box, here’s what we envision being inside:


Always the most valuable asset at NEFF. Our people are truly automation experts. They are the best in the business – they know more about the industries we serve and the products we sell than others who simply sell products in boxes. They are the face of NEFF – working every day with customers to provide valuable solutions because they understand that our company’s fate lies in the hands of our customers.

NEFF Employees
NEFF Products


Like we said, every NEFF box contains high-quality products. It also contains the valuable partnerships we maintain with the top, most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Because when our customers turn to us for their automation needs, they expect that the solutions we provide will be reliable.


Our customers turn to us for so much more than just parts. They depend on the NEFF team as a trusted partner to provide innovative solutions to enhance their automation processes. Anyone can sell parts. NEFF sells solutions.

NEFF Solutions
History of NEFF


In every box we ship, behind every solution we deliver is the expertise and experience of our fourth-generation, family owned business. Since our founding in 1926 and through our large expansions over the last 20 years, we have operated under the simple philosophy of treating customers like royalty and employees like family.

So the next time you receive a shipment from NEFF, as you open the box, we hope all the extra “intangibles” are obvious to you. We hope that you enjoy the extraordinary customer experience that only NEFF people, products, solutions, and history can deliver.