Machines make life better in so many ways. But in exchange for the increased production and maximized efficiency are the safety risks that come with these machines. Moving parts, sharp edges, and hot surfaces can cause serious workplace injuries and expose employers to unnecessary liability. At NEFF, we take machine safety very seriously. And we offer an expansive suite of integrated safety solutions to protect your most valuable asset… your employees.

In-Cabinet Safety Solutions

Because the safety function is processed directly within the I/O module,  we have eliminated the need for the safety controller and the safe fieldbus system. Our safety relays are reliable, install quickly and easily, and utilize a slim design for optimal space saving.

Safety Door Switches

Turn to NEFF for a large selection of safety-related switches for the position monitoring of guard doors, the non-contact protection of hazardous zones and danger points, safety switching appliances for special applications, and more.

Safety Scanners and Light Curtains

Secure an entire machine environment with an easy-to-integrate scanner that monitors 270 degrees using a quickly-rotating laser beam. We also offer light curtain systems that guarantee 100% area coverage with no “dead zones.”