“We are wanting to power the roller in the attached picture. It is a 4″ roller on a 3/4” shaft.  

We are wanting it variable speed on a foot pedal.  Reversing switch. 110v powered. 5fpm max speed using a right angle hollow shaft gearbox. Quarter horse motor (or less). 

We have been using a 12″ hand wheel to turn the roller”


NEFF designed and built a completely wired system that includes:

  • power cord
  • pushbutton box (E-stop, ON/OFF Selector, F/R Selector)
  • foot pedal

The foot pedal contains (1)an analog output to increase roller speed as it is pushed further down, (2)a gear motor with a hollow shaft to fit over the customer’s roller and (3)a control enclosure as a central wiring point that ties all components together and houses the motor control board.

The customer receives the system from NEFF. Mounts the motor on the roller shaft. Mounts the pushbutton box to the frame. Mounts the control box to the frame. Sets the foot pedal on the floor. Then the system is ready to run with no customer wiring required.