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80/20 is the creator of the “Industrial Erector Set,” a modular T-slot aluminum system that allows for solutions for industrial applications of any industry or use case. Common solutions using 80/20 extrusion include machine guarding, machine frames, material handling systems, workstations, and much more. NEFF offers a dedicated team of 80/20 Product Specialists and 80/20 CAD designers that support our 14 state territory. They can provide recommendations on integrating 80/20 with your current equipment and resources. And they can see places and procedures where 80/20 products and services will help speed up cycle times, cut your costs, or create synergies.

Due to recent supply chain issues with aluminum, logistics, and other bottlenecks, 80/20 has struggled to keep a consistent lead time on their orders, but after working vigilantly to improve delivery times, 80/20 has drastically improved these processes. We are excited to announce that due to 80/20’s significant investments in new equipment, inventory, and personnel, we have been able to greatly reduce our lead times since the beginning of 2022.

With 80/20’s market leading product breadth and lead times, we are proud to service our customer’s and partner’s needs, especially as supply chain issues have continued to impact others in the market.

80/20 Lead Times

View the charts below to determine estimated lead time based on your project type.

Learn more about 80/20 T-slot aluminum extrusion solutions here.

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