YRG Robotics Single & Multi-Axis Cartesians

Yamaha Robotics Group is your source for single-axis and multi-axis robots. 40 years of robot development that began with a motorcycle production line has scaled up to production equipment across industries. The reliability of YRG is unmatched, as the precise and high-speed control is based on only the highest evaluation standards and signal processing technology. Environmental conditions are overcome with the proven rigidity, durability and operability of YAMAHA’s products. Below is a brief introduction to YRG’s single and multi-axis robots.

Single-Axis Cartesians

Single-Axis Robots vary from compact and economical stepper models with closed loop stepper motor but with servo motor functionality (Transervo), to six different types of the Flip-X Series AC Servo Motors. The 29 different variations allow for the ultimate in customization! Robonity Motorless Single-Axis Actuators are rigid, compact and low-cost for entry level models, and advanced models give greater efficiency with ground ball screws-a great way to set up a base axis for a multi-axis setup! Phaser Series Linear Motors give exceptional performance for long distances with no critical speed limits by using a flat motor, while Ball Screw Actuators (Robonity L Series) are motor-less and provide improved moment load capacity in a compact frame size. Standard selections include varying strokes lengths, flexibility for payload maximums, and max speeds that can pass 2400mm/sec depending on model selected.

Multi-Axis Cartesians

Multi-Axis Cartesians allows for X & Y strokes, individualized high speeds for each axis, and a variety of models to suit your application for Pole, XZ type, Moving Arm, Arm or Gantry Type. Dual-synchronous drives are also available. Models are available in pre-configured or custom multi-axis systems. A cleanroom model is also available for X-Y-Z strokes. Your production can take advantage of utilizing one controller for multiple single-axis robots with the Multi-Flip/Multi-Phaser line for compact sizing and greater levels mixed control.

YRG Robotics Overview

Yamaha Robotics Group means safety, high levels of quality, affordable prices and quick deliveries. Proven system processes for manufacturing, inspection, assembly and shipping excellence adhere to rigid standards, and delivers only the highest quality to you. While YRG brings much more than what we’ve outlined here, the specialists at NEFF are highly qualified to help you specify the right cartesian robot for your application. YRG is centrally located in Fort Wayne, IN and their veteran ons-site engineers are available for your tough questions.


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