When designing an automated process that requires moving objects or performing repetitive functions, you’re going to need robotic arms. But not just any robotic arms… the RIGHT arms. Making the right choice can make your process go smoother and faster.

Arguably the most common arm in automation processes today is the SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) arm. It can do almost anything, can be programmed on multiple axes, and operates at fairly high rates of speed.

But what if a SCARA just isn’t fast enough for your process?

What if you need to get parts from the feeder bowl to your dial table even faster? Say… in less than .5 seconds. Can your SCARA arm handle it? Doubtful.

Well, the people at Yamaha are proud to offer their YP-220BX pick and place robot as the solution. It’s a belt-driven, 2-axis robotic arm with a cycle time of .45 seconds and a maximum payload of 3kg. Woof.

Check out a video of the YP-220BX in operation here. (Watch closely though, because this thing screams.)