Universal Robots is Now Accepting Orders for the UR20.

The world’s #1 Collaborative Robot is now available in a 20kg payload and 1750mm reach and available for order! The UR20 offers up to 65% increase in speed (joint type dependent) and a 25% increase in joint torque capability. The brand-new joint architecture puts less stress on the arm mechanics and is consistently able to easily handle more tasks, assists and applications than ever before!

UR20 Features

The newest industrial cobot for the e-series continues in UR traditions of a small footprint of only 245 mm, and the lightweight 64kg weight makes it versatile and usable across todays applications and tomorrows challenges. Automate your processes that demand the UR20’s higher payload, faster speed and unmatched versatility, and superior motion control. The cherry on top? The UR20 is still powered with a single-phase standard outlet like all other UR e-series models.

UR20 Applications

Heavier duty applications are now in reach, and with any position mounting, you can achieve higher levels of output and uptime to start 2023 strong. The UR20 is reaching out to expand your production capabilities, and to provide optimal performance with its market leading expertise. Please connect to start a conversation with our robotic specialists.


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