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An AMR is a gamechanger for optimizing your warehouse logistics. The “mobile cart” technology works safely on factory floors without human interference or intervention. AMRs have been intrinsically designed as collaborative robots, and smart sensors and machine vision allow independent manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers alike to automate material transportation. Process and cost control can be projected with Industry 4.0 solutions like these that increase floor safety, provide dependable operations and are redeploy able across your facility.

NEFF Automation has partnered with MiR, Mobile Industrial Robots, to support your optimization initiatives. MiR autonomous mobile robots are user friendly, safe and flexible, while offering a lightining fast payback period (less than one year on average). MiR provides automated warehousing solutions for many common applications, including pulling and transporting pallets. These AMRs make your workplace safer by eliminating the need of fork trucks in heavily trafficked areas and relieving workers of repetitive, and often dangerous, tasks. Offered in 4 different robots, MiR’s lineup of mobile robots can withstand up to 1350 kg (2976 lbs) of weight and operates for up to 10 hours without charging.

Our experienced and knowledgeable application engineers want to help you improve your competitiveness, employee safety, and show you the ROI you’ll realize across different systems that can be made possible with the flexibility of an AMR. Please reach out to us or your local account manager for more information!