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Introducing ActiNav

Universal Robots’ ActiNav utilizes intelligent vision, real-time autonomous motion control, and their cobots to deliver a powerful machine loading system. Whether its used for simple bin picking tasks or more complex machine loading applications, ActiNav creates a solution that precise, consistent, and intuitive.

Unmatched precision – even on complex parts.

Plan, pick, and place parts with high accuracy without the risk of collision or stopping. ActiNav optimizes machine uptime and boosts productivity with the use of Universal Robots’ industry-leading collaborative robots. Equipped with advanced vision and motion control, ActiNav addresses three big challenges within machine loading: loading different objects, consistency, and precision.

Ultra-high resolution

ActiNav processes up to 3.2 million 3D points in every scan, meaning it can work with complex parts and a variety of bin sizes.

Accurate path planning

ActiNav’s autonomous motion module (AMM) allows the system to plan its path so you don’t have to. The AMM offers vision processing, collision-free motion planning, and real-time robot control.

Steadfast scanning

ActiNav’s advanced sensor technology allows the system to operate in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Black, shiny, or reflective surfaces are no match for ActiNav’s part detection. CAD-based matching algorithms allow you to accurately scan parts and pick continuously.

Consistent path planning

Optimize motion trajectories to avoid collisions, joint limits, and singularities with ActiNav. Loaded with 20 years of path planning technology, ActiNav processes paths several steps in advance to execute perfect robotic motion.

Repeatable, efficient pick and place

ActiNav’s “Free Spin Pick” function allows for full 360 degrees of rotation. This requires fewer lines of programming and creates better bin picking and cycle time performance.

Keep your production on track

ActiNav requires no prior programming knowledge, instead paths can be easily be planned by Universal Robots’ teach pendant. ActiNav automatically exploits part and effector symmetry to expand range of path options for moving parts, adapting to perform at its best.

Easy deployment

ActiNav takes only two hours or less to setup and deploy, allowing you to quickly improve the efficiency of your machine loading application. During setup, ActiNav can learn a complete program in as little as 12 lines of programming, which is much less than those needed by its competitors.

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