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Reliability assured with high performance robotic solutions.

Kawasaki’s general purpose R series robots assure output and increase manufacturing flexibility with automation solutions designed to surpass production objectives. Manufacturers struggle with the challenges of qualified labor retention, increasingly high-mix, low yield products and high production targets. Kawasaki robots are mountable in flexible configurations for static and mobile cells, provide unparalleled reliability for throughput, and allow operators to be redeployed into higher-value roles. In collaboration with vision guidance systems, these high-value automation solutions by Kawasaki robots allow for downstream automation and increased facility efficiency.

Kawasaki R Series Vision-Guided Box Packing Case Study

Kawasaki was recently approached by a customer looking to automate their box packing process for their packaged food product. After initially speaking with this customer, Kawasaki found a few key challenges for this project:

1. The customer utilizes different sized boxes and product types.

2. Requires at least 50 bags per minute with an 85% overall equipment effectiveness rate.

3. The system must rely less on human labor than current processes.

4.Must be a compact system that is mobile.

The Solution

In collaboration with a local Kawasaki Robotics Preferred Integrator, Kawasaki was able to design a solution that was a perfect fit for their application. This solution included: two wall-mounted Kawasaki RS007L robots equipped with Piab vacuum grippers, two conveyors, and a machine vision system, all encompassed in a mobile cell. The two robots simultaneously picked the food product off the conveyor and loaded boxes that were moving onto a second conveyor.

Overhead view of the Kawasaki box packing cell.

The Result

Kawasaki’s box packing system resulted in an automated solution that surpassed the customer’s expectations. The robots are able to pick 80 bags per minute and the customer was able to redeploy the number of operators by 3. Finally, the system is compact and versatile, allowing for increased flexbility and use across the entire plant floor.

Watch the video below to learn more about this case study or click here to view a PDF version.