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Autonomous Mobile Robots Continue to Improve Workflow.

A recent crowdsourced survey of automation professionals took a deep dive into current robotic use by industrial end users and system integrators. Surveys across batch manufacturing, discrete manufacturing and continuous processing reported back that over 30% of their facilities employ AMRs. Decisions to use these adaptable robots were driven by labor issues, throughput and quality. The increasing use of AMRs to provide flexible, efficient and safe application meet critical warehouse and supply chain needs, especially as vertical manufacturing industries look to improve workflow and operational efficiency.

NEFF Automation has partnered with MiR, Mobile Industrial Robots, to support your optimization initiatives. Our experienced and knowledgeable application engineers want to help you improve your competitiveness, employee safety, and show you the ROI you’ll realize across different systems that can be made possible with the flexibility of an AMR. Please reach out to us or your local account manager for more information!

MiR offers a line of 4 mobile robots designed to solve manufacturing applications like pulling carts, moving pallets, warehousing, internal logistics, and more. MiR’s newest robotic offerings, the MiR600 and MiR1350, are designed to comply with the highest robotic standards for Autonomous Mobile Robots, including advanced dust, particle and liquid protection.

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