MAC Valves Excel in All Environments.

MAC Valves are well known for their long service life and reliable performance. Perhaps you’ve wondered in passing how these pneumatic powerhouses can provide such reliable outcomes across all types of industrial applications, and often despite dirty, cold, and extreme environments.

What’s the Secret?

The secret of MAC Valves isn’t closely guarded-we like to share exactly why MAC Valves are the right fit for your unique application needs. Our valve series are implementable across so many environments because they share the same internal construction and benefits-the balanced design, short stroke and high force, low minimum operating pressure requirements, and a bonded spool for long life and easy maintenance.

Infinitely Adaptable.

The cool thing is that MAC can be infinitely adaptable for special applications due to the ability to be piped. Think versatility in inlet pressure as 4-way, 3-way or 2-way, normally closed or open; and for diverse applications such as vacuum, diverter or selector applications. Dual pressure applications can be utilized to virtually unlimited inlet pressures with the simple enhancement of a Dual Inlet Pressure Block. Multiple wiring options, such as Maconnect, MI/O add to the application flexibility. Additionally, more than one type of valve could be a solution for your applications.  


We Can Help.

The patented technology that enables such robust performance is something our Technical Specialists would enjoy speaking with you about. If you are facing intense and shortened delivery dates, reach out to NEFF to explore your options with MAC Valves. Our seven value-added stocking locations have pneumatic experts on site to find the right options for your unique application.


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