Piab piCOBOT L: Lift More With Less.

Piab’s piCOBOT L is the perfect solution for high speed and payload vacuum gripping and holding. Piab brings your vacuum-assisted processes high speed, a higher payload capacity and high flexibility for packaging, palletizing and part assembly. The newest addition to the piCOBOT family, this end-of-arm tool for small industrial robots is also safe for collaborative applications. Featuring a compact footprint of just 4.3 inches of building height, a high payload of 16kg/35.2 lbs., and is designed for use with the optional automatic tool changer for seamless gripper changes. High flexibility is standard with its broad range of gripper units from custom to Piab standard.

piCOBOT L Components & Features

This robust vacuum ejector utilizes up to four reliable COAX vacuum cartridges with integrated controls, giving high performance where needed, and along with dust protection filters, is designed for easy access and cleaning.  Functional control options include Energy Saving programming, and the Intelligent Blow-Off optimizes the blow-off cycle and can be activated automatically after every vacuum cycle. The piCOBOT L can be mounted in any orientation and is suitable for different end effectors including suction cups, KENOS foam gripping pads and adjustable grippers.

A human-centric design features rounded edges that permits direct operator-robot collaboration, and the IP65 body is suitable for continued performance even in harsh environments. The user-friendly OLED display features integrated LED status lights. For productivity optimization, the automatic tool changer allows for gripper switches without the need for physical operator assistance. Continuous operation for different tasks is further complimented with the vacuum connection at the bottom of the pump, negating any extra cabling needs. 


Designed for heavier items in your assembly lines with small industrial robots and cobots, automotive, logistics and packaging industries are optimal for the newest heavy lifter. The ISO 9409-1 standard enables configuration with any collaborative robot. Ensure fast movement, high productivity and the best in flexibility with this robust and serviceable vacuum ejector unit and pump.

NEFF Automation has extensive experience with vacuum automation, and our experienced and knowledgeable application engineers want to help you improve your competitiveness, enhance production value and show you the possibilities this innovative EOAT can offer.


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