We are pleased to announce the release of the MI/O-67® Fieldbus Platform.

Our initial release includes several different protocol options in addition to several modules to ensure a complete system package. 

Key Benefits

MI/O-67® will utilize existing MAConnect® technology with MI/O-67® specific part numbers

5 Protocols

3 Modules
Digital, Analog and PowerPlus™ modules to accommodate any I/O or additional valves needed

Designed to meet IP67 washdown specifications (with appropriate valve series modifications)

Available Communication Modules

Digital I/O Module

The MAC Digital I/O module will be able to change the entire module between NPN and PNP input mode and will also have control over the number of inputs and outputs. The configuration options for I/O will be:

• 0 inputs, 16 outputs
• 16 inputs, 0 outputs
• 8 inputs, 8 outputs

DigitalPowerPlus® Module

The PowerPlus™ module gives you an additional 12 output points at 0.5 A per channel. The setup is similar to the Digital and Analog modules in that there are two outputs per M12 connector. The PowerPlus™ module also allows you to bring in an additional 6 A of power via a 7/8” 5-pin mini power connector to control additional outputs such as valves, sensors and other outputs

Analog I/O Module

The analog I/O modules will also be available on the initial release of the MI/O-67® platform. Unlike the Digital I/O module, these modules are not configurable. Each Analog I/O module comes set at 4 inputs and 4 outputs (one input and one output per M12 connector). You will also need to take note whether your customer is using 4-20 mA or 0- 10VDC analog I/O as they are ordered as two separate modules. Each configuration will also include fault detection.

Have one of our pneumatic specialists stop by with a demo.

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