MAC Pulse Valves: Better Reliability, Energy Savings, and Filter Life

MAC has developed a solution that replaces 60-year-old diaphragm valve technology. It requires less maintenance, consumes less energy -it even extends filter life. And it pays for itself in less than a year.

Retrofit your Old Diaphragm Valves

Picture this: Your maintenance team can quickly and easily retrofit existing valves to MAC’s non-diaphragm pulse valve. The immediate value is the benefit of reduced downtime spent replacing and cleaning due to MAC’s reliable spool valve technology. Your compressed air usage and cost is reduced as MAC’s efficient pulse valves extends the filter life with more efficient cleaning per pulse for reduced on-time. The reduced filter pulses clean particulates from the air more effectively, which reduces any particle migration, and further extends filter life and performance.

MAC Pulse Valves open more quickly and achieve a higher pulse magnitude, which means you have a more reliable valve that consumes less energy, while earning a very attractive ROI.

We’d love to show you how we can improve your dust collection process and improve your energy costs.


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