Introducing the Robotiq PowerPick: Adding More Weight and Flexibility to Palletizing.

Robotiq’s newest end-of-arm tooling solution is the only standard vacuum gripper capable of lifting up to 11.5 kg (25 lbs) on the UR10e collaborative robot. Designed specifically for the Robotiq Palletizing Solution, the PowerPick is highly configurable with 46 different handling options. The PowerPick is a powerful, adaptable and robust palletizing solution.

What is the Robotiq Palletizing Solution?

AX and PE Series Robotiq Palletizing Solutions let products palletize themselves and create a safer work environment. The Palletizing Solution utilizes Universal Robots’ cobots to load pallets based on weight and reach. Robotiq has now begun accepting orders for Palletizers compatible with the all new UR20. These solutions can be deployed in just 3 easy steps for all ISO-certified pallet sizes:

1. Enter in box dimensions, weight and orientation. (up to 16kg)

2. Enter your pallet dimensions, including width and depth.

3. Configure your pallet to generate optimized trajectories.

Overall, Robotiq’s Palletizing Solution loads boxes with ease using vacuum-powered EOAT. The all new PowerPick gripper can increase payload and speed of palletizing.


PowerPick Features

Building upon the Robotiq AirPick, The PowerPick comes equipped with several new features including Multipick.

Multipick enhances the flexibility of your picks, enabling you to pick more than one box at a time. Multiple light boxes can be picked at once with a PowerPick unit, whereas multiple heavier boxes can be picked with two PowerPick units on the same robotic arm.

The PowerPick is designed for robust tasks, withstanding a total downward force high enough to even back-drive the robot!


PowerPick Specifications

Tooling Weight: 1.03 kg (2.2 lbs)

Payload: up to 13 kg (28.7 lbs)

Energy Source: Compressed Air

Air Rating ISO 8573-1: Class 7-4-4


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