Of course you do. Who doesn’t? And in our industry there are so many cool things to see.


So we developed a series of events where great manufacturers get together and show off their cool automation stuff, and people like you (who want to see cool things) come to see it. It’s called NEFF Demo Expo!


The NEFF Demo Expo! is back for 2018 and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever. There are 19 dates on the calendar at locations across the Midwest and Northeast. From late April to early October, NEFF and our partners will be showcasing cool automation solutions and products. 


By now, you are thinking “How can I come to see the cool stuff at Demo Expo!?” (Calm down, it’s easy.)


If you want to attend (and we’ve already established that you do), simply visit our Demo Expo! website and register as a customer. It’s free. There’s lunch. There’s prizes. You’ll get freebies. You’ll see cool stuff. And it’s free. 


So get to the Demo Expo! website NOW and make plans to see something cool this summer.




We’ll see you there!