That’s who we work with. A bunch of showoffs. Always showing off cool products and services.

So we figured we might as well give them a forum in which to do it. (We’d rather have them doing it under our roof than out in the streets somewhere.) It’s called NEFF Demo Expo! And it’s a series of events that you really don’t want to miss.

You’ve already missed a couple… but we’re just getting warmed up. NEFF Demo Expo! runs through early October, at locations across the Midwest and Northeast. And at every event NEFF and our partners will be showcasing cool automation solutions and products.

When are you ever going to have a chance like this to see people in your industry making a spectacle of themselves? The answer is never. (Well, until the next NEFF Demo Expo! event.) So you need to check out the calendar and see when and where you’re going to attend.

Because if you don’t, when people say “Did you get a chance to see all the cool stuff they were showing off at NEFF Demo Expo!?” you’ll have to look sheepishly down at your scuffy shoes and answer. “No.”

Nobody wants that.

Visit our Demo Expo! website and register as a customer. It’s free. There’s lunch. There’s prizes. You’ll get freebies. You’ll see cool stuff. And it’s free.

We’ll see you there!