A New Standard in Stepper Performance with Kollmorgen.

There is a new stepper drive platform in town. The Kollmorgen P8000 series brings superior accuracy in a compact design, and is engineered to pair with a wider selection of Kollmorgen stepper motors. The functionality and expanded output current maximize your single or multi-axis applications. Precisely control low-speed, point-to-point motion control for fixed loads with a drive platform tailor-made to power 2-phase hybrid stepper motors.


Improve your step-angle accuracy for your labeling, indexing, CNC machine, packaging machine, or pumps. Whatever your step sizes, the control algorithm optimizes the output current to the motor phases across the full speed range for micro and full stepping. The simple drive setup with no programming necessary allows for time savings, and worldwide support from Kollmorgen enables exact specification, sizing and setup for anyone, anywhere.

Applications that require precision, consistency and unbeatable repeatability with smooth motion, but in a small footprint will benefit from the versatile features such as conventional single-ended or differential step and direction interface; dedicated inputs for step, direction (CW/CCQ) and enable; along with a no programming required dip-switch selectable settings to get your machine up and running quickly-no need to connect to a computer!

The Verdict

The Kollmorgen P8000 allows for smooth operation regardless of step size with quick setup, and a superior power-to-size ratio. Currently available in DC operation, this new drive series is available worldwide. We’d love to show you how it can give the reliability and precision you need-just give NEFF a call.


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