AKD2G Servo Drive

Twice the Power Density!

The AKD2G are planned to launch in December 2018. AKD2G features dual-axis, expandable I/O (without increasing the size), removable memory, dual-channel STO, and the first drive-resident graphic display in the industry. The AKD2G is optimized for single-connector AKDM2G (with or without brake) with streamline cable. It will also offer an option for secondary feedback and legacy feedback


  • One and two axis variants available
  • Modular design allows the user to specify only the features needed
  • Plug&Play Compatibility With All Kollmorgen Motors

Easy to Use

  • Plug-and-play compatibility with Kollmorgen controls and motors
  • WorkBench GUI, acclaimed for customer experience and usability


  • Servo on a Chip™ includes Dual-Core ARM™A9, 800 MHz + 1.5M additional FPGA gates
  • AI-based auto-tuning with a click of a button gets you started quickly
  • Wizard-based tuning uses advanced Bode Plot tool to help you efficiently manual-tune when desired

AKM2G Servo Motor

The new generation of synchronous servo motors, announced at the end of September 2017, initially features six design sizes with performance levels between 0,3 and 10 kW. The AKM2G servo motors are available with different feedback system choices, mounting /shaft options, connector designs, thermal sensor selections, shaft seal options, winding selections for different voltage and /or speed requirements and a brake option. Improved energy efficiency as well as room for more performance with the same installed size.

Get the same performance in 20% less space.

For new machine designs, the AKM2G allows customers to decrease the size, footprint, and complexity of the machine, while still getting the power and performance they need.

The AKM2G drops right into existing machine designs to increase performance, when compared to competing motors, without increasing the size of the motor. The AKM2G features six sizes with performance levels between 0.18 and 12 kW. It offers selectable options such as feedbacks, mounting configurations, and performance capabilities. Due to the modular structure of the products, Kollmorgen is better equipped than competitors to adapt motors to the requirements of a specific application in parallel with standard production needs. Machine builders are then able to choose from a wider range of standard models that leverage Kollmorgen’s extensive product and application knowledge.