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Business agility is the best way to protect eroding margins and increase competitiveness in your field. The strong economic recovery in the US manufacturing industry has surpassed pre-pandemic production levels but nagging reservations revolving around the risks of workforce shortages and supply chain instabilities affect all levels of operations.

To understand and in turn, help mitigate your risk against disruption, we look at five critical manufacturing trends that are affecting manufacturing. NEFF is here to help you address the challenges your business faces in the quickly evolving, complex and challenging manufacturing environment.

1. Addressing the workforce shortages will require a delicate balance of flexible goals, upskilling labor and including remote work to attract, retain and influence the public opinion about the advanced manufacturing future of work.

2. Supply chain disruptions are being addressed through multi-faceted approaches, utilizing data analytics and addressing the root causes of global materials shortages, logistical challenges and the increased costs that affect customer pricing.

3. The smart factory will embrace digital capabilities from corporate levels to the production floor. The benefits of a connected, reliable and data-rich processes allow for scalable solutions, a real return on investment and assured productivity.

4. Cybersecurity management is necessary for businesses to be prepared in the event of network breaches, and to ensure resiliency in the face of a cyberattack. Sophisticated operations demand protection, and preparedness is essential.

5. Proactive manufacturers are embracing sustainability in all facets of manufacturing operations and production. Financial health, competitiveness and talent attractions are helping to drive the initiatives in environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to improve the triple-bottom line in manufacturing.

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