Get ready to expand the capabilities of your robots and cobots! Pickit has introduced a plug-and-play solution that enables your robot to pick and place a wide range of products in many different applications. Better yet, it is simple to use, requires no programming, and runs on its own dedicated industrial processor.

You are entering another dimension…

The 3D vision system is able to detect the dimensions, shape, orientation, and position of products as they move through your process. Even if they are overlapping. Even if the lighting is bad or constantly changing. Even on a reflective surface. And through all that, the system can tell your robot which parts to pick and how to position them.

This solution will work with most major robot manufacturers and will perform a variety of robotic applications including: bin picking, machine loading, depalletizing, kiting and assembly, pick and place, and more.

Finally. Isn’t it about time robots were able to do something for us… after all we’ve done for them?


See Pick-it in action HERE.

To find out more about the Pickit 3d Robot Vision Solution, contact Jeff­ Graham at or check them out at