Warning: If you are not an electrical engineer, this article may make you feel a little Dopey. However, if you ARE an electrical engineer, and you work on industrial systems with PLCs and RTUs, and cable ducts jammed with copper wire bundles, then you are more likely to feel Grumpy.

Enter the IO-Link – an alternative method to field wiring that creates a “modular” approach. It allows universal communication from individualized automation processes all the way to the main control unit… and vice versa. IO-Link makes it simpler, smarter, and creates a universal language of communication throughout the process which makes diagnostics easier as well. IO-Link has been called the “USB interface” of automation because it’s so universal.

If you’d like to learn more about IO-Link devices and how they can simplify wiring for you, we recommend checking out these sources:

Because, once you see how much easier your life can be with IO-Link wired into your system from top to bottom, we’re quite sure you’ll be Happy.


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