For the first time ever, hire a robot for your factory like you would hire an employee.

Manufacturing companies of all sizes are experiencing a labor shortage. Large manufacturing operations are adapting by turning to investments in automation to combat this shift. However, small-to-mid range companies are struggling as the often high cost of entry for automation processes leaves them with few options. Enter Hirebotics.

NEFF has recently partnered with Nashville-based Hirebotics, a company that allows manufacturers to hire robots at an hourly rate, just like they hire employees. These robot cells can be deployed quickly to perform low-skill tasks. No large capital expenditure. No costly integration. You even get to name the robot.

By providing a low cost of entry for implementing robot automation, small and medium sized companies are able to adapt quickly to shrinking workforces and higher production demands.

What does it mean to ‘hire a robot’?

Hire a Robot

Hire a robot just like you would a human with zero upfront capital investment. Run the robot 14 hours, pay for 14 hours. Run the robot 18 hours, pay for 18 hours.  No need to schedule an employee or pay for unproductive time.

Cloud Connected

Our robotic workers are cloud connected!  Continuous, real-time monitoring means we can avoid unplanned downtime, offer you real-time data, and push software enhancements over time.

Mobile App

The Hirebotics mobile app allows you to access yourreal-time production and quality data.  You can also receive push notifications of events that are important to you, such as low on raw material, stopped billing, etc.

Maintenance Free

When you hire one of our robotic workers, we completely cover preventative maintenance and an upgrade cycle beforeworker is ready to retire.

How does this compare to traditional hiring and automation practices?

Interested in hiring a robot? Send us a message and we’ll give you a call.