by Anthony Shave, NEFF Technical Sales Representative

The cement industry is a VERY dusty business. And all that dust can be murder on equipment – and your career if you’re in charge of keeping the plant running at optimal production. For those of you non-cement types, I won’t bore you with all the nitty-gritty details of the process (if you cement guys want to talk fly ash, bauxite, raw mills, airslides, clinker production and everything else, just call me), suffice it to say that the process depends on bag filters keeping the system clean.

Whether you are collecting kiln feed, raw meal, clinker, solid fuel, or finished cement, the importance of smoothly running bag filter can’t be overstated.

Until now, diaphragm valves were primarily used to connect the bag filters. But MAC Valves has introduced a revolutionary new concept in pulse valves that replaces diaphragm valves. The MAC bonded spool pulse valve has higher force-per-pulse, which provides a higher cleaning efficiency while lowering air consumption and extending bag life. In addition, the bonded spool design eliminates many of the failure points of the diaphragm valve and reduces much of the maintenance previously required.

So if you run a cement plant in NEFF territory (and I know quite a few), you need to see how much money and hassle you can save by replacing your old diaphragm valves with MAC bonded spool pulse valves.

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Anthony Shave is a Technical Sales Representative at NEFF. Prior to joining NEFF, he spent 12 years with an OEM for cement equipment – nine years as a process design engineer, and three years managing the sales/technical team in Sorocaba, Brazil. You can reach him at