Check out 80/20’s racing simulator frames featuring T-slot profiles that can be fully tailored to your space.  

Accelerate to the Next Level

Experience the thrills of high speed racing from the comfort of your home. Racing Simulator Rigs always offer this convenience, although there is no better time than now to race indoors when going to professional tracks is less feasible. With the ability to alter your rig easily, 80/20 provides full customization for based on your racing needs.

80/20 Racing Simulator Rig Mockup

Xtreme DIY

80/20 offers detailed insights into how to properly assemble the rig. 80/20’s Xtreme DIY describes that after adding electronics and other accessories like a seat and steering wheel, you will be ready to race. Xtreme DIY also provides access to projects like frames for 3D printers, cornhole boards, workbenches, and more.

Dynamic Features

80/20’s UniBearings provide a unique solution to adjust your racing seat to exactly where you want it. The racing simulator frames also allow for fast modifcations, strong yet flexible framing, and quick rig leveling. Free downloads of extensive project plans allows you to build exactly what you’re looking for. 

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