5 Reasons why the YRG Cartesian Robot may be right for you:

Point 1. 

Use of 4-row circular arc groove type 2-point contact achieves high durability.

When compared to the 2-row Gothic arch type 4-point contact guide, the robot provides features that it does not stop due to catching or overload and is difficult to malfunction even under poor conditions with low installation surface accuracy or large overhang amount.

Point 2.

Utilizes highly reliable resolver

As the resolver uses a simple and rigid structure without using electronic components and optical elements, it features high environment resistance and low failure ratio.

Point 3.

Easy maintenance

Even when the built-in structure is used, the motor or ball screw can be replaced individually to ensure smooth maintenance work.

Point 4. 

Lightweight and compact

The ball screw drive motor is renovated to a couplingless builtin structure to make dead spaces small and contribute to space saving.

Point 5. 

Double Y-axis available as standard

The NXY with nut rotation type structure supports a double Y axis with two carriers arranged on the same axis. Two Cartesian robots can be made compact to improve the work efficiency at a low cost and ensures the space saving.

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