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Don’t neglect end-of-line palletizing.

It is no secret that automation is becoming crucial for manufacturing processes. One segment of a manufacturing line that is often ignored is endofline palletizing. This is the last process in the supply chain where you typically see boxes or grouped products being stacked onto a pallet.

Why is it so important to automate end-of-line palletizing?

Current circumstances have created unpredictability within the workforce but also a greater demand for production supply. This can create issues to keep up with manufacturing needs. Automating your endofline production is a simple way to create a more reliable solutionwhile also maintaining social distancing with employees and creating a higher throughput.

Aside from workforce shortage concerns and keeping up with product demand, endofline palletizing is one of the least ergonomic tasks on the production line and can be a burden for your employees. Automating this process will allow your employees to spend their time on taskthat will build them up and bring more value to your company.

Benefits of End-of-Line Palletizing:

  • Scaling up the output because of high demand
  • Least ergonomic task in supply chain to be filled robotically
  • Palletizing Simulation to determine ROI prior to committing
  • Eliminates risk of injury for employee

  • Takes the burden from workforce shortage and raising labor costs
  • Ease of use
  • Employees can focus on higher-value tasks
  • Increased manufacturing efficiency, productivity and flexibility

NEFF is the answer.

If you have yet to begin automating in your facility, endofline palletizing is a great place to start, as NEFF can offer a simple solution.

Out of the Box Solution

As the top Universal Robots distributor in the U.S., NEFF can set you up with an outofthebox solution that sets up in minutes, like this one from Robotiq. This solution comes with all the components you will need for your endofline palletizing, including a robot base, fully integrated vertical 7th axis, endofarm tooling, sensors, a cable management system, application software and material handling copilot.

Do It Yourself with NEFF Supplied Components

Does your engineering department have the resources to integrate components to accomplish your endofline palletizing solution? Great! NEFF offers a wide variety of components that will allow your team to automate this process. NEFF can supply the robot, gripper, stand, and software to build your own automated palletizing solution. Speak to your NEFF sales representative to discuss options.

Custom Integrated Solutions

Need more of a custom solution for your endofline processes? No problem! NEFF has a network of integrator partners that can build, program, and integrate a custom solution into your production line. Start by reaching out to NEFF’s Automated Solutions GroupThey will listen to your technical needs, assess any specific endofline palletizing challenges, and implement a custom solution.

Tell us about your application and a Neff robot specialist will be in touch with you.

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