Universal Robots and Team TCSC created a custom solution for picking, placing, and assembling shafts in a shaft press cell.

Team TCSC, based out of Columbus, Indiana, specializes in the design and integration of automating manufacturing processes. Being an integration partner with NEFF, TCSC was tasked with automating and improving the production of a customer’s current shaft bearing press cell while NEFF supplied key specifications required for the project. Team TCSC utilized the UR10e cobot which features a 22 lb. payload, an over 50 inch reach, and a weight under 74 lbs.

Here’s How it Works.

This industrial robot operates by moving shafts from station to station within the cell. A fixed mounted barcode scanner is utilized in the first station of their cell to verify that the shafts picked by the UR10e are correct.

The Universal Robot then places the shaft into a tooling nest in the second station where roller bearings or ball bearings are situated and begins pressing them onto the shaft. A Kistler Electric Press is utilized to press the bearing onto the shaft.

Next, the cobot moves to a third station with an assembly bullet tray where it then picks the appropriate bullet and presses it onto the shaft it is assembling. The UR10e can quickly move onto to the fourth station where a pneumatic cylinder presses a snap ring onto the shaft using a Cognex vision system for quality control.

Finally, the robot places the completed shaft assembly into a specific holder on the customer’s build pallet and starts the process again.

Watch the UR10e perform the shaft bearing application below.


The Results: Improved Efficiency, Safety, and Production.

Universal Robot’s UR10e is able to pick, place, and assemble shaft bearings efficiently with little assistance from operators. With the shaft bearing press cell fully automated, an operator is only responsible for placing carts with shafts into the cell , loading ball and roller bearings, and placing snap rings into their respective dispensing tubes. This process can change the role of an operator forever, and allows a worker to focus on more strategic and less monotonous, time-wasting tasks.

Overall, Universal Robots are able to improve the safety of employees by moving them from at times dangerous picking and placing position to more valuable roles in the production process. With an industry-leading average return-on-investment of 195 days, cobots can automate virtually any production process with ease.

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