Piab CPT EOAT Makes Box Palletizing Super E-Z.

The Cobot Palletizing Tool from Piab is a modular, lightweight and compact solution for palletizing boxed products with your cobot. Palletizing is faster and productivity is higher with the multi-zone gripper surface of suction cups that enables multi-picking of cartons. Customizable but modular, the CPT is your all-in-one EOAT that allows for longer cobot life by palletizing more boxes with fewer moves.


Looking for higher pallet output? No problem, the integrated piSMART valve unit allows for super-fast response times. Under pressure to extend the life of your cobot investment? The CPT has you covered. Not only is this EOAT energy efficient with the latest COAX vacuum technology, but it reduces air consumption while providing secure holds-no matter the angle at which your cobot moves.

The versatile and easily interchangeable suction plate allows for you that reduce your equipment costs. How? Since the CPT is an EOAT with a modular design and uses standard parts, you can find new accessories for the CPT easily and quickly, allowing for redeployment and new projects. Easily integrate with any cobot using the build in adaptor, with an adjustable offset of the TC (Tool Center Point) between 50-100 mm for increasing the cobots reach even more. What’s even better, Industry 4.0 connectivity capabilities are standard with the integrated piSMART valve, which allows for predictive maintenance and full process control.

Check out how you can increase your competitiveness, boost your productivity and reduce the costs of palletizing with the smart Cobot Palletizing Tool. Our automation specialists and pneumatic experts are the pros on your side to help demonstrate to you how this EOAT can solve a major headache on your palletizing lines.


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