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Piab Group, Swedish manufacturing company who specialize in end-of-arm tooling and gripping solutions, acquired TAWI Group at the end of 2019. This acquisition has caused Piab to quickly become the global leader in ergonomic handling solutions. Aftter considering the finer details involved with acquiring a company, Piab and TAWI made the acquisition official in January 2020. With a global reach, a worth of around $30 million, and over 30 years of experience, TAWI Group provides a strong product portfolio including smart lifting solutions and experienced employees.

Here’s a demo in action showcasing Piab’s ergonomic lifting solutions at the Pack Expo in 2020.

About Piab & TAWI

Piab Group is a global manufacturing company who serve customers in nearly 70 countries. Operating in industries like e-commerce logistics, food, pharma, automotive, and more, Piab strives to improve energy-efficiency, productivity, and working conditions. Piab’s mission is to become the global leader in gripping and moving solutions by targeting high-growth segments and geographies and leveraging the fast growth of technology in automation and robotics.

TAWI Group offers best-in-class lifting solutions with its vacuum lifters, lifting trolleys, crane systems, gripping tools, and more manufacturing solutions. TAWI has been the market leader in lifting equipment since 1989 where they acquired Convacor, manufacturer of the VacuMyggan vacuum lifter. Since the late 80’s, TAWI continued to acquire lifting companies in order to take a larger share of the market.

Piab’s Solutions

Piab’s piLIFT SMART is the first ever vacuum lifter that meets the new standard of Industry 4.0. Equipped with an ergonomic handle and lightweight build, the piLIFT SMART offers an efficient solution to lifting heavy objects. The vacuum lifter also is safe and intuitive featuring speed controls, low sound levels, and a decreased energy consumption compared to other vacuum lifters. 

Piab also offers various solutions for EOAT (end-of-arm tooling). One of their more industrial solutions for EOAT is their FBG, a heavy duty robot that specializes in palletizing that is available through standard and custom configurations. The FBG comes equipped with a custom adaptor taht allows for accommadation with any robot interface.

Vacuum pumps are another solution created by Piab which are predominately based on the patented COAX technology, an advanced solution for creating a vacuum with compressed air. The piCOMPACT23 SMART is a compact and stackable vacuum pump with optimized design for high reliability, flexibility, high vacuum flow, and fast cycle times. The piCOMPACT23 SMART is perfect for medium-to-larger vacuum systems, especially those involved in applications like palletizing, sorting, and unloading.

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